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Love it or hate it, social media is a huge part of modern daily lives, and an effective presence is an essential way to grow your business.  However, it can be baffling, time-consuming, distracting and difficult to manage when you’re busy running a business.

That’s where we fly in.  We work with individuals and businesses in the East Midlands and throughout the UK, helping them to effectively use social media to promote their business.  With tailored profile management, training and support we offer many options with the same outcome – a strong, confident, brand-building social media presence.

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Training and managing profiles for all kinds of companies from charities to printers, veterinary practices, photographers, estate agents, beauty therapists and holiday cottages (to name a few), there’s nothing we can’t squawk about!

With over five years’ experience and a track record of success in social media marketing, we help businesses of all shapes and sizes to soar online.

We’re a sociable brood, and not just online – Kaye, our top bird, would love to meet you and discuss your needs over a cuppa.

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Helping Your Business Grow Through Social Media Marketing

With news from the nest, and updates from the world of social media, our blog is a must for those early birds who want to ensure catching the social media worm!

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